Metal Free Dentistry

Dentistry has seen a revolution of sorts in the last few decades, with various dental procedures adapting to modern materials and technologies for a safer yet painless for patients seeking dental care. One of the major breakthroughs provided by technology in the field of dentistry is metal free dentistry, which, as the name implies, refers to the use of non-metallic compounds or substances for dental purposes. Prior to the use of, dentists worldwide were making use of metal alloys in order to fill holes and cavities and to design crowns for patients who have lost their teeth due to various reasons.

But, before diving deep into the advantages offered by metal-free dentistry, let us know in detail what metal-free dentistry actually means. The form of dentistry, which makes use of composite compounds not containing metals for dental procedures, including cavity filling, crown replacement and even fillings, dentures and partials, among other things. The commonly used composite compounds for metal-free dentistry include different types of porcelain as well as ceramic substances. Other substances used for metal-free dentistry include thermoplastics and other hydrocarbon based products. Other suitable materials can also be used, with research already in progress in the creation of new substances for dentistry.

Metal free dentistry has several advantages, which are discussed in detail.

  • Negligible to zero health effects – Metal free dentistry offers a major benefit over traditional dentistry, which involves the use of metals. Traditional metals have been found to have detrimental effects on health, with the metals acting with the blood and producing toxins which cause a variety of diseases. Metals, being inorganic, does not gel with the natural body tissues of the teeth and gums, and often leaves scars and marks, along with dark patches. This inorganic nature also causes the metal fillings to fall off and disintegrate as they cannot bond with the tooth and gums. The materials used in metal free dentistry offer a greater range of compatibility as well as has negligible to zero health effects. They also bond well with the tooth and give it a natural appearance and does not stain or leaves marks. Metal free dentistry also allows for healthier teeth and healthier oral hygiene, compared to their metallic counterparts. Metal free dentistry products are also less sensitive to temperature changes and cause less discomfort and pain to patients.
  • Looks and Strength – Metal free dentistry offers a better appearance compared to its metal counterparts. The compounds used for metal free dentistry can be customized extensively to match the patients’ teeth colour and texture to give it a more authentic look. Compared to metallic compounds, metal free compounds are stronger and are more resilient to tooth actions such as chewing and biting. The compounds used in metal free dentistry are also environmentally friendly and decompose easily, which is another added benefit.
  • Cost – Another major advantage offered by metal free dentistry is cost. Unlike dentistry practices which involve metals, metal free dentistry is less expensive, which is due to the lower cost of sourcing the raw materials involving the procedure. This makes dentistry accessible to a wider audience irrespective of their financial status and encourages people to maintain healthier and better dental as well as oral hygiene.

Belle Forest Dental offers a variety of dental procedures, including metal free dentistry. The clinic is headed by Dr. John R. Munro, who is well known for his excellent work in the field of dentistry. Dr. Munro and his team strive to deliver the best dental experience for all and everyone seeking recourse for their dental issues.

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