Different options for replacing a missing tooth

A missing tooth can be a cause of embarrassment as well as can be detrimental health-wise. But, the advancement of science means that replacements are available for missing teeth. The easiest decision by far, for missing teeth, would be to let the space of the missing teeth empty. While this approach sounds harmless at first, it leads to uneven gaps between teeth and even bite and gum problems. It also leads to problems with chewing and biting of food. Other sensible decisions for the replacement of the missing tooth include the use of dentures, bridges or tooth implants.


Dentures are the false and removable teeth which are easy to make. They can be both partial and complete, where partial dentures means the denture is made for some missing teeth, while complete dentures is made for the whole jaw. A denture is held in place using plastic or metal, which is attached to adjacent teeth. They can sometimes be visible, and they must be removed at night in order to allow the natural gum region to breathe as well as allow the denture to be cleaned.


A bridge makes use of natural teeth just on the adjacent sides of the missing teeth to hold and support a fake teeth between them. In this process, the natural teeth are contoured in such a way such that a crown can be placed over the top of these contoured teeth. These crowns then support the false tooth in between them, which is known as the pontic tooth. Bridges are excellent solutions for teeth which already need a crown for any dental related reasons.

Dental Implants

The newest form of dental replacement technology, dental implants are usually comprising of two major parts, the implant, which acts as the holder or the anchor and is embedded inside the jaw and the crown which is visible to us. Dental implants are excellent choices because they feel like real teeth and do not need any extra measures. Dental implants have a host of benefits when compared to other methods, as unlike dentures they are not needed to be removed every single night. Unlike bridges, there is no need to damage healthy teeth for placing the pontic teeth.

Now all these options may seem confusing, so it is always recommended to ask the dentist which method would be suitable as they are the best judge of what is to be needed and what is not. A lot of this is also dependent on cost, with dentures being the cheapest while implants being the costliest. Hence, a proper discussion must be done with your dentist to determine the best course of action and to move forward as they say. Belle Forest Dental specializes in the replacement of missing tooth as well as are skilled in dental implants. Their team strives to provide the best dental care to all their patients and they welcome people of all age groups.

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