Dental Implants We Offer Complimentary Consultations

Ideally, implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth. A titanium post fuses with the jawbone to form a replacement tooth root. The tooth implant is then topped with a dental crown to restore your smile to be natural-looking and stable to break down any food. It also helps prevent gum disease and bone loss around the new implant. Implant dentistry has a high success rate and is one of the best options for rebuilding your smile. However, if you are not a candidate for implant dentistry, we can provide you with other options for replacing missing teeth. In addition to tooth implant crowns, two alternative tooth replacement solutions are dental bridges and removable appliances.

There are several reasons to choose our office for dental implants:

  • Dr. Munro is an experienced cosmetic dentist who will ensure the form, function and fit of your implant and prosthetics are perfect.
  • We offer a Free Consultation
  • We offer financing options to help you afford the investment.
  • Our spa atmosphere will keep you relaxed and in good spirits during treatment.
  • We will give you the celebrity smile you have always wanted!

Types of Dental Implants

There are several different options:

  • Single Implant – Tooth Replacement: This is ideal if you are missing a single tooth. A single implant is placed and a crown restoration is then attached on top of the implant to replace the missing tooth. This is a full crown that is attached, not a tooth cap like what is normally used to cover a damaged tooth. A dental implant, if properly maintained, can last a lifetime. It is a much more reliable option than a bridge or flipper.
  • Multiple Implants – Teeth Replacement: If you are missing more than one tooth, but still has healthy gums and surrounding teeth, a multiple implants solution may be your best option. Two fixtures are implanted and the crowns or fixed bridge are attached to them.
  • All-on-4 and All-on-6: We can now replace an entire arch using as few as four dental implants! The implants are placed around your dental arch, with two angled at the back of your jaw for stability. A restoration (bridge or denture) is then attached. This gives you the look and function of a full arch of teeth without using an implant for every missing tooth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: Dental implants are able to give you a superior level of support and stability when used with dentures. Implant-supported dentures use a few implants to keep your denture in place. A bar runs from one implant to the others and attaches to the back of the denture to keep it in place. This eliminates the need for messy denture adhesives and restores the full look of your smile. You can finally eat the food you want to eat!
  • Implant-Retained Dentures: These are similar to implant-supported dentures in that they use dental implants to secure dentures, but they are still removable. The implants have ball fixtures placed on top of them, and the denture can snap into the balls.

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