Top Benefits of Using a Water Flosser

Water flossers are much easier to use, according to many of our patients here at Belle Forest Dental. We love hearing that they have found an easier method of keeping their teeth flossed, because they means their mouths are healthier! Have you gone out to get a water flosser yet? If not, you should. There are many benefits that come with using water flossers instead of traditional floss. Here are just a few of the benefits you can get by flipping to a water flosser today.

Benefit One: Less Inflammation

Water flossers are able to get between your teeth without putting the accidental pressure on the gums that floss sometimes does. This can cause your gums to swell. By opting for water, you can avoid this problem altogether, and still have just as healthy of gums.

Benefit Two: Reduces Periodontitis

Water flossers are great at helping get excess bacteria out of your mouth. They pulse water at your gums and between your teeth. This pressure gets beneath the gum line more effectively, and allows you to have fewer bacteria between your teeth and gums on a daily basis.

Benefit Three: A Water Flosser Is Safer

When it comes to flossing around things like orthodontia or dental implants, a string can get caught or cause damage to any type of appliance. By using a water flosser, you do not have these worries. They can safely get around all oral appliances and get your mouth completely clean. Plus, you can get into parts of your mouth that may otherwise have been too hard to reach.

Benefit Four: Water Flossers Are More Effective

On top of all of these benefits of using a water flosser, one of the best benefits is the fact that it is more effective than traditional floss. Research has shown that water flossers remove more plaque, reduce gum bleeding more effectively, and cut down on gingivitis more than string floss. That means, you get to use something easier, safer, and better for your mouth!

To find out more about the benefits you can get from a water flosser, come in and see us. We are one of the top Nashville dental offices because we stay on top of research and trends. We know how much these instruments can help you based on how much we see them helping our other patients. Contact us today and schedule a time to come in and talk about how much water flossers could help boost your oral health!

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